I recently presented to principals and leaders at our biennial Principals’ Conference.  At this event were afforded a chance to network in order to reinforce our common purpose, develop collegial and collaborative relationships between schools across the state and importantly, to welcome our recently appointed principals and those representing our newest schools.

An excerpt from my foreword:
“A great school has a great school down the road. That school down the road (or indeed in another corner of the state) is working as you are towards sustainable school improvement. As a team, our focus is to collectively effect consistent and positive change in all public schools. By sharing and exploring our data, triumphs and strategies as a team we can achieve greater outcomes – allowing every student in every school to succeed.

Just as every school has a leader, every team has a coach. The role of a great coach is to guide, inspire and empower a team to achieve their full potential. However the skills required to develop capability, build culture and employ data driven strategies are not unique to sporting coaches. They are the mark of great leaders everywhere – heads of political parties, ballet directors, film producers, principals of schools. Developing this skill set is vital as you grow your team and implement your school’s game plan for the future.”

My presentation was based on the following framework for team building. I interviewed three high-profile coaches including Roselee Jencke (Queensland Firebirds), Paul Green (North Queensland Cowboys) and Rodney Eade (Gold Coast Suns). Their unique perspectives on motivating, developing and leading teams provided a basis for a framework that can be applied to many teams across many contexts.

View my presentation slides here

Great Principals are Great Coaches graphic