Queensland’s school improvement story has been overwhelmingly positive in recent years, thanks to quality initiatives and strategies implemented by talented educators and supported by central and regional office staff. However, as in the case of many high performing teams, the best always look to improve.

This commitment to continuous improvement is at the very heart of our potential to reach more targets, lift expectations and achieve greater outcomes for all young Queenslanders. From classrooms to boardrooms, we all have a role to play in our improvement agenda – and high performing leaders help to build high performing teams.

This week our executive leadership team participated in a forum facilitated by Dr Simon Breakspear, a leading thinker on education reform and learning innovation. Simon is known internationally for helping educational leaders navigate disruptive change, develop innovation capabilities and drive continuous improvement for better learning.

The focus of our work on the day was on our continued drive to become an elite Executive Team. The full commitment of those present and the quality of the dialogue makes me very confident that we are well down the path to our objective.

Photo from forum

Department of Education and Training Leadership team at the forum