On 17 November 2011 students at Campbell High School had a day they will never forget when President of the United States of America, Mr Barack Obama, visited the school during his trip to Canberra.

I also had the opportunity to meet Mr Obama which was a great privilege.

Students at the school were told of the visit only 20 minutes prior to his arrival and students in a journalism class were given the exciting, but daunting, task of coming up with some questions to ask the President.

Mr Obama was engaging and open in his conversation with the students and the students were fantastic ambassadors of Campbell High School, as well as the ACT public education system

Congratulations to Campbell High School Principal Heather Paterson and students for assisting in the visit!

All photographs on this post are accredited to Mr David Foote, AUSPIC

President of United States with Jim Watterston, Julia Gillard and school students